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UpdateStar Product Key Finder (67% OFF)

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UpdateStar Product Key Finder helps you to safeguard licenses and activation keys for software products installed on your local computers or remote network computers.


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Product Description

Why UpdateStar Product Key Finder? Because losing license information is an annoying and expensive experience!

Home users and enterprise users alike love it, as it finds hidden license information and keys for 6,500 software vendors and products.

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Product Key Finder helps you to safeguard licenses and activation keys for software products installed on your local computers or remote network computers. Because you paid for your software products and licenses, let Product Key Finder find and export them. Product Key Finder supports scanning of local computers as well as remote network computers and even allows you to find license information on crashed systems or hard disks.

You can export (Word, Excel, PDF, HTML, CSV and XML) or print your license information from within Product Key Finder and store these in a safe place for backup reasons. Product Key Finder is typically being used by home users as well as corporate admins. Please see our different licensing options for more information.

  • No more wasted time trying to find your software product license information
  • No more frustrations caused by lost software licenses
  • No more need to become a computer expert to find hidden software licenses on your computer
  • No need to repurchase software products you already have licensed before

Search and find product license information the smart way
UpdateStar Product Key Finder analyzes your computer and searches for available license information. Our always growing and updated database currently supports 6,500 vendors and software products. It detects which software licenses are hidden on your computer and collects all that information. Thanks to Product Key Finder you can export and backup this valuable information.

Top reasons why our users use Product Key Finder

  • Easy to use interface scans, collects, displays and exports license information from your computer
  • Accurately searches for software license information on your local computer and network computers
  • NEW! Enhanced “Deep Scan” now comes with optimized performance, data filtering and more options. Deep Scan is now faster and filters out unrelated data.
  • NEW! The database now supports 6,500 software vendors and products including Microsoft Windows, Microsoft Office, Adobe products, O&O Software products, Acronis products, Electronic Arts games, WinZip products, Nero products and many more
  • NEW! Enhanced smart scan. We enhanced the local scan and it now determines, if other not currently running Windows operating system are installed on the computer or external hard disk drives. These will be included in the scan.
  • NEW! Delete license info. Uninstalled applications sometimes leave registration information. Now you can remove this data from the system.
  • IMPROVED! Shotgun-mode scan performance enhanced and is also available via command-line version.
  • IMPROVED! Command-line (CLI) version now supports many additional options.
  • Our database gets updated frequently and additional program licensing definitions are added on a daily basis to be up-to-date

Product homepage: http://client.updatestar.com/en/productkeyfinder/overview/

Download UpdateStar Product Key Finder [Trial]

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