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System Mechanic Business – 3 PCs (50% OFF)

$47.40 $23.70

System Mechanic Business is everything you need to Fix, Speed Up and Repair your Small Office PCs.

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Product Description

Are you frustrated by PCs that slow down your business, take several minutes to start-up, run sluggishly, or crash for no apparent reason? System Mechanic Business can help restore your PCs to like-new condition.

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What System Mechanic will do for a company’s PCs:

  • Speed up Windows start times – so staff can get going faster.
  • Increase available memory – so PCs can do more things faster at the same time [like having many more documents, spreadsheets, and emails open at the same time].
  • Increase available processor power – so that those powerful processors are unleashed again, and everything is just snappier.

What System Mechanic will do for a business:

  • Increase productivity and overall company production by reducing delays.
  • Increase energy and fun by removing the frustration and stress created by clogged PCs.
  • Increase revenue opportunities by increasing responsiveness. No more: “I’ll just handle it later, my PC is busy loading that other spreadsheet.”
  • Reduce the load on IT staff troubleshooting, re-installing, manually cleaning and servicing PCs when employees complain.
  • Prevent employees from asking for new computers.

Many businesses mistakenly replace or upgrade PCs too early:

  • When installing new software that runs too slowly.
  • After an arbitrary “lifecycle” period.
  • When staff rationalize about the impact on productivity [who doesn’t like a new PC?]

Slowness is something most business owners just can’t argue with, but savvy businesspeople know that any investment requires proper maintenance to maximize its useful life.

A System Mechanic TotalCare® tune up can revive your investment and keep those PCs running like new – instead of buying new computers or wasting hours of IT department’s precious time, so the only time you need to replace them is when they specifically decide it’s time to do so.

The System Mechanic engineering team has made speed a priority in in the latest version, not only speeding up every tool and module in order to optimize the product and push the performance envelope, but to uncover every possible area of system slowdown and create a tool to restore speed there.

The entire interface arrives with a comprehensive set of significant speed improvements inside and out. Program startup and scans are a lot faster, cleanups occur more rapidly, and repairs occur in less time.

And most importantly, your PC performance is maximized like never before using System Mechanic’s 50-plus performance tools and features, designed to restore speed for all major root causes of PC slowdown, the first product to reach that level of effectiveness.

The Network Deployment Tool in System Mechanic Business allows you to configure ActiveCare® to run automatic repairs on each and every one of your network PCs.

Easy-to-use distribution builder lets you configure automated repair settings for all the PCs on your business network when you set up and install the program.

Product homepage: http://www.iolo.com/products/system-mechanic-business/

Download System Mechanic Business [Trial]

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