Monday, August 8 2022

SuperEasy Backup Pro (38% OFF)

$39.95 $24.95

Backup data hassle-free and fully automatic. SuperEasy Backup Pro backups all of your personal files, photos, documents, music, emails, applications, contacts, your calendar – simply everything.


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Product Description

All hard disks break down eventually. With failure rates as high as 10% in the first year alone, it is imperative to backup important data, photos and documents. And apart from that, your data can also be stolen! SuperEasy Backup Pro offers you a comprehensive, simple to use solution.

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Some things are irreplaceable
Family photos are no longer kept in family albums or shoe boxes. Your first love letter arrives by email and important finance documents as email attachments. The video of your kid’s birthday gets stored under “My Videos” and most bookmarks are kept in your browser, not in your books. But hard drives break down, flash drives and notebook computers can get stolen and computer viruses can infect and damage your files. Backup the files that matter to you! Easily, fast and thoroughly with SuperEasy Backup Pro!

All Features

  • Full system backpups (image-based)
  • Rescue disk
  • 1:1 file copies
  • Speed-optimized backups
  • Versioning
  • Auto-pause
  • Backup Windows contacts
  • Backup IE/Firefox bookmarks
  • Backup all Microsoft Outlook and Mozilla Thunderbird contacts and emails
  • Backup entire network drives
  • Backup to network drives
  • Backup to external hard disks and flash drives
  • Backup open files
  • Restore files and folders selectively
  • Fully-automated backups as background tasks
  • Pause and resume backups even after system restarts
  • Backup scheduler
  • Incremental backups
  • Automatic error checking
  • Create backup reports
  • Zlib/LZMA data compression
  • Encryption

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