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Stronghold AntiMalware


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– FREE update to latest version.
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Product Description

Stronghold AntiMalware – Eliminate spyware and adware as easily as in two clicks

  • Scans files, registry and system settings for more than 3,000,000 known threats
  • Kills spyware, trojans, adware, trackware, dialers and keyloggers
  • Easy to use and handy – even your kid will manage it
  • Extremely low impact on computer’s performance
  • Can eliminate toolbars and reset browser setitings

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Use award-winning antispyware and antimalware protection
Fast, easy, and handy, Stronghold AntiMalware protects your computer against malicious programs, doing harm to your computer and breaking your privacy. These programs include spyware, trojans, adware, trackware, dialers, keyloggers and a lot of other kinds of threats. Stronghold AntiMalware scans your hard disks, registry and processes and removes all malicious software found. It also removes malicious BHOs and tracking cookies.

Standard anti virus software can do nothing against privacy breakers and malicious programs like that. Choose Stronghold AntiMalware as you antispyware security keeper to be sure your computer is clean and fine tuned.

Are you sure your computer is clean of spyware and other malicious software?
One hundred new items of malicious software and spyware appear every day. Are you sure your currently security software provides as much guard for your PC as you think?

Those dangerous programs do not choose which computer to attack because they have something prepared for each one. Your PC is in the attack-list of spyware or adware as well.

Stronghold AntiMalware protects you from the black side of the Internet
If you use the Internet every day, you are not safe, even if you use anti virus and firewall. Online pests can still freely take root in your system. Spyware and adware can steal private information and destroy important documents. One day we realized this problem and developed Stronghold AntiMalware to help you to solve it.

Stronghold AntiMalware is your final step on the road to safety and comfort. Let professionals guard your security and privacy while you working or entertaining with your PC. Let’s say “No” to spyware and adware together!

Rely on our extremely large and still growing database of known infections
Database is of primary importance when fighting with viruses and spyware. Taking into consideration fast speed of computer viruses spreading our labs update Stronghold AntiMalware’s database every day and even more often when needed. Knowledge is power, after all. The more spyware items security software knows – the more powerful its protection is.

Remember that at the meantime Stronghold AntiMalware’s database contains over 3,000,000 pieces of different PC threats including spyware, adware, trojans, dialers, trackware, keyloggers and a lot of other kinds of malicious software.

Stronghold AntiMalware scans everywhere, not just in memory and files
Stronghold AntiMalware software is a precise scan for your computer. It scans every place where spyware can strike its roots, and not just common places in registry and files, like some other programs.

Stronghold AntiMalware provides rapid scanning of system memory, hard drives, floppy drives, CD-ROM drives and removable devices. It scans run processes, system files, user files, program files and whole registry to find and solve problems connected with different types of malware: spyware, adware, trackware, dialers, keyloggers, trojans, rootkits, BHO (Browser Helper Object), tracking cookies, privacy breakers and much more.

This is just a small extract from the list of dangerous programs Stronghold AntiMalware rapidly finds and removes.

Work without performance loss while Stronghold AntiMalware does its job
Stronghold AntiMalware functions according Passive Defense Approach (PDA). What does it mean? Unlike active shielding and pro-active protection software that scans all processes stored in system memory over and over again, causing dramatic loss of performance, Stronghold AntiMalware scans PC areas chosen beforehand, on demand.

You mark the areas of your PC that you want to be scanned, then click the button – and Stronghold AntiMalware easily finds and removes spyware and adware from your system. Another benefit of using Passive Defense Approach is that Stronghold AntiMalware will find spyware or adware in any place, wherever it exists in your system and without regards if you already accessed it or it still waits to be executed.

On the contrary, active defense programs identify threats only when you yourself try to access the infected files.

Powerful anti spyware engine lets Stronghold AntiMalware outperform competitors
Stronghold AntiMalware diagnoses and eliminates all known kinds of spyware and malicious software. Spyware, adware, dialers, trackware and other kinds of malware are identified with help of the database of known threats built into the program and regularly updated via the Internet. When scanning some particular file or registry entry, Stronghold AntiMalware compares item’s characteristics with the characteristics of the records present in its database.

In case it finds absolute match, it displays definite name of the threat. If exact definition of suspicious program is not present in the database, the program compares separate components of the suspicious program and recognizes its possible type, warning user about latent infection.

Stronghold AntiMalware deletes any threat found during its scan, so you may be sure your computer is clear of spyware and adware if you scan it at least once a week.

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