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Stayfocused Pro (50% OFF)

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– A full license to use the software
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Product Description

If you want an intriguing way to structure work, Stayfocused is your choice. The idea of Stayfocused is based on The Pomodoro Technique®, organizing activities into twenty-five minute sessions (by default, but it can be adjusted for each individual task), with a five minute break in between. Tracks time and helps you complete tasks on time with no deal.

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What can Stayfocused Pro do?

  • Manage Task: Create / Edit / Delete / Starred your task.
  • Redo Task: Redo task needed on any-time you want.
  • Break Reminder: Show Message for having a break after did work for 25 minutes.
  • Launch Applications: Choose any applications needed to complete your task.
  • Open Sites: Open any websites needed to complete your current task.
  • Open Docs: Open any pertinent documents in their default applications.
  • Hide Windows: Hide the windows that are unnecessary to your tasks.
  • Hide Icons: Hide desktop icons to help you focus on your task better.
  • Set Wallpaper: Set a nice wallpaper to help you eliminate distractions.
  • View Report: View the report that shows how you have spent your time.
  • Set Timer: Set Pomodoro timer for n minutes you need to complete your task.
  • Play Sounds: Add a sound to remind you that time is up.
  • More…

Why you should choose Stayfocused Pro to help you complete your tasks on time?
Stayfocused isn’t like any other time tracking software on the market today. What makes it so unique?

Stayfocused teaches you to work with time, rather than struggling to counter it. Stayfocused is a revolutionary time management software that is at deceptively simple to learn and life-changing to use. No longer does time have to be the enemy, or something we race against to complete tasks and meet deadlines.

Stayfocused helps in dividing a large task into several smaller tasks, and within the task set times to rest. Completing several small tasks in order to complete the larger task gives a sense of accomplishment, eliminating burnout, and encourages us to stay focused. It’s a bit like an agile project management approach.

Whether it is a call, or a facebook message, suddenly remembering your vehicle needs refueling; many things distract and delay your progress. Stayfocused helps you track and manage each items priority to know what to accomplish and what can wait.

Being productive every day Stayfocused helps to eliminate procrastination and guilt. This can lead to truly enjoying the free time we have when we know we have completed necessary tasks. Stayfocused helps you build an effective schedule, so you get a balance of work and rest.

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