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RoboForm Desktop (50% OFF)

$29.95 $14.95

Purchase Benefits:

– FREE technical support.
– FREE update to any minor version.
– Once you complete the online order, you will receive your license code immediately.
– 30 days Money Back guarantee.

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Product Description

RoboForm is a unique product that makes your life easier and more secure. RoboForm has been helping users since 1999. While other password managers have come and gone, RoboForm has been simplifying password management for 15 years.

RoboForm Screenshot

Use RoboForm Desktop if you…

  • Would like to enjoy unlimited Logins, Identities, Bookmarks, Safenotes and more on your Windows computer.
  • Have only one computer and do not need to access your RoboForm data on any other computer or device.
  • Want your RoboForm data stored only on your local computer.

RoboForm Key Features

Life With Only One Password
Your RoboForm Master Password is the one password you’ll need to remember. This password will encrypt and secure all of your RoboForm data. We don’t store your Master Password anywhere, so make sure you don’t forget it!

Automatically Remembers Your Other Passwords
There’s no start-up time with RoboForm-just surf the web as you normally would. When you login to a website, RoboForm automatically offers to save your Login information. It’s that simple!

Easy, One-click Logins
Now that RoboForm has remembered your login information, simply click on that Login and RoboForm will take you to that site and log you in automatically. It’s as easy as using Bookmarks or Favorites. You’ll never need to remember or type another password again.

Industry Leading Security
Your RoboForm Data is secured with military-grade AES 256 encryption, with a ton of additional security options available. Our software securely stores your passwords, with one Master Password serving as your encryption key. Plus, as an extra layer of security, we have multifactor options available.

Instantly Fill Long Forms
Use our RoboForm Identities feature to securely store your name, address, email, credit cards, and all your other information. Just click on your RoboForm Identity to fill entire web forms automatically. Save yourself hours of needless typing!

Cross-Browser Support
RoboForm integrates with IE, Firefox, Chrome on Windows as well as Chrome and Safari for Macs, allowing you to share info between browsers and making your web experience faster, easier and more secure.

RoboForm is Everywhere
RoboForm available on Windows, Mac, Linux and most mobile devices such as iPhone/iPod Touch, Android, Blackberry, Windows Phone, Palm and Symbian. And of course you can still use RoboForm2Go on all your USB flash drives.

Convenient Start Page
The RoboForm Start Page combines all of your most frequently used Logins and Bookmarks in one place, making your browsing experience faster and easier than ever before.

Complete Data Flexibility
Store, sync, and back up your RoboForm data with RoboForm Everywhere feature. Not comfortable with the cloud yet? Then use Desktop mode and store your information on your computer only. You get complete control and flexibility of your RoboForm data.

Generate Strong Passwords
Since you no longer need to remember or type your passwords, you can use RoboForm to generate strong, unique passwords for each of the sites that you visit. We all know our passwords should look like this. With RoboForm, now they can!

Login to Multiple Sites at Once
Do you find yourself logging into the same 3-5 websites each morning? We’ve created a way to login to several websites at once.

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Download RoboForm [Trial]

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