Thursday, December 8 2022

PicMarkr Pro (25% OFF)

$29.99 $22.49

Watermark images, protect your pictures copyright, import and backup Flickr images to your computer with PicMarkr Pro.


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Product Description

PicMarkr Pro is a batch watermarker software for Microsoft Windows that can make your image protection fast, easy, and comfortable.

Flickr users get the most advantage using the software, because they have an opportunity to import their photos directly from Flickr, to add the watermarks and to upload them back to Flickr!

With all this going on, the filenames, descriptions, tags and comments (attached to your photos) will be saved.

PicMarkr Pro Screenshot

You can use PicMarkr Pro to…

  • Add digital watermark to your images on Flickr to protect your photos
  • Replace your Flickr photos with their watermarked copies (for Flickr Pro accounts)
  • Change the sizes of a batch of photos at the same time
  • Rotate a batch of pictures
  • Add text, logo, comments to pictures and Flickr photos
  • Rename a large number of pictures with just a few clicks
  • Create watermark templates on your own

Key Features:

  • Import pictures and photos from your Flickr account or from your computer
  • Add text or image watermark to a batch of pictures
  • A set of professional presets for text watermarks
  • The opportunity to edit all attributes of watermark (transparency, fonts, backgrounds, etc)
  • User-friendly interface

Product homepage:

Download PicMarkr Pro [Trial]

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