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Emsisoft Internet Security (50% OFF)

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Emsisoft Internet Security is the efficient security suite that will make your digital life a whole lot easier.

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Product Description

Emsisoft Internet Security is the efficient security suite that will make your digital life a whole lot easier.

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Antivirus & Anti-Malware & Firewall, all-in-one.
Emsisoft Internet Security completes Emsisoft Anti-Malware Discount Coupon Code with an efficient firewall core that suits anyone who dreams of ultimate protection, especially in third-party networks.

Performance, engineered for you
Light weight design means using minimum system resources for maximum protection and usability. Emsisoft Internet Security focuses on just one thing: Protecting your computer without compromise. No more, no less.

Emsisoft Internet Security is not an overloaded, bulky software like most products on the market today. It is slim and efficient.

Global and application-based firewall rules are easy to set up and clearly presented in the layout, while still remaining extremely flexible.

Triple layer protection, reinforced by a kick-ass firewall
Emsisoft Internet Security is a complete security suite, made to prevent infection from all Internet threats.

An intelligent firewall closes off and hides your system when using public networks. Your PC will be practically invisible. Includes IPv6 support.

Surf Protection
Blocking access to known fraudulent and dangerous websites to avoid phishing and accidental malware downloads.

Real-time File Guard
Constantly scanning all downloaded and started files, using two scanners and more than 10 million detection patterns.

Behavior Blocker
Preventing new, sophisticated malware attacks that others often can’t protect you from – optimized against zero-day attacks.

Bonus: Online Banking Protection
Keeps fraudsters away from your money by hardening your browser software.

Redefining online experiences

  • Automatic evaluation of the credibility of programs: The Emsisoft Anti-Malware Network detects more than 100 million programs, good or bad, based on user evaluations and numerous technical parameters.
  • Minimal firewall alerts: So that you aren’t tempted to just click “Allow”, which basically defeats the purpose of having a firewall in the first place.
  • Advantages in comparison to Windows firewall: Easier and quicker to use, with the ability to evaluate the credibility of programs in a global context.
  • Removal of Potentially Unwanted Programs: PUPs are not dangerous per se, but they come hand-in-hand with annoying ads or toolbars and slow down your computer. You can tell Emsisoft Internet Security to remove those for you.

Product homepage: http://www.emsisoft.com/en/software/internetsecurity/

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