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east-tec Eraser (17% OFF)

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Product Description

east-tec Erase is a privacy protection software that helps you protect your personal data, your offline and online privacy by helping you erase all files that store evidence of your computer and Internet activities.

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It will help you keep your PC clean by deleting impressive amounts of unnecessary data that is stored on your computer with or without your approval, contributing in this way to improving your computer’s performance and security. By using east-tec Eraser as a privacy protection software in your day to day activity, your data will be safe and your offline and online privacy fully protected.

Features & Benefits

Protect Your Online Privacy
east-tec Eraser offers you the online privacy protection you are looking for by erasing files stored without your knowledge or approval, like Internet history, Web pages and pictures from sites visited on the Internet, unwanted cookies, etc.

Erase Beyond Recovery
Normal deletion is not secure: when you delete a file, its contents and information remain on disk. east-tec Eraser destroys beyond recovery every bit of confidential information that is targeted. This way, your privacy protection is ensured and no one will be able to recover your data.

Clean Your Favorite Browsers
east-tec Eraser works with all your favorite browsers and can securely erase files that contain your Internet history, visited web pages and images, address bar locations, unwanted cookies, and much more. Your online privacy is protected with east-tec Eraser!

Clean Your Favorite Programs
Erase files permanently and clean the traces of over 300+ popular software programs, Browsers, MP3/Audio/Chat Software, Productivity Software, Entertainment Software, Security Software, Peer2Peer/News, Email Readers and more.

Erase Deleted Data
Deleting a file using the Windows operating system does not remove the file contents from your hard drive. It simply prevents you from accessing the file. The sensitive information can be easily retrieved by almost anyone and your privacy protection is compromised.

Erase Files Permanently and Improve System Performance
Speeds up your computer and programs by securely erasing thousands of unnecessary and temporary files created by your operating system or other software applications. Get an offline and online privacy protection software that can also make your PC run faster and much more secure.

Internationally Used Wiping Standards
east-tec Eraser meets and exceeds government (like US Department of Defense DOD 5220.22-M standard) and industry standards for the permanent erasure of digital information, Russian (like GOST P50739-95) and German (like German VSITR) security standards, and industry standards like the Bruce Schneier Algorithm or the Peter Gutmann Method. If you want to make sure that you comply with the latest regulatory laws for data disposal and privacy protection or you simply want to make sure that your sensitive data is gone forever and will never fall in wrong hands, east-tec Eraser will give you the piece of mind by allowing you to adjust your wiping security level according to your needs in terms of security and speed.

Automatic Protection
Let east-tec Eraser automatically clean up your computer and offer you protection without taking the hassle of doing it yourself. Our built-in Scheduler will enable you to clean the traces of your online activity or system traces at specified intervals (you can schedule the program to run every 5 days, every two weeks, on Tuesdays, the third Friday in July and August, etc.) or on specific time/event (like when the computer has been idle for a number of minutes, when you close your Internet browser, when the computer is not in use, or when it has been idle for a number of minutes, etc.). The Scheduler allows for better management of system resources while keeping your computer always safe and secure.

Removable Media Wiper
Make sure you securely and completely erase files permanently from your Digital Media Devices like USB Flash Drives and Flash Memory Cards (Micro SD, SD, SDHC, XD, and many more).

The Anti-Surprise (Anti-Boss / Panic) Key
Automatically close all open windows and immediately run east-tec Eraser with pre-selected options (e.g. erase files containing your Internet traces in stealth mode) with just a combination of keys.

Very Easy to Use
east-tec Eraser has an intuitive interface and wizards that guide you through all the necessary steps required to protect yourself. It comes with all security options pre-configured enabling most users to run cleaning operations automatically. Let east-tec Eraser do the job for you, it will automatically detect your sensitive areas and will start wiping operations, monitoring your risks and notifying you about the results and all necessary actions to be taken in order to be safe and protected.

Flexible and Personalized Protection
east-tec Eraser fully supports your personal privacy needs and allows you to define your own custom sensitive areas, select cookies you approve and want to keep, and you can even define your own erase methods. Other important features like protecting files and folders, defining masks, command-line support, shell integration, password protection and PC shutdown will delight advanced users and give them great flexibility and control over the wiping process, making east-tec Eraser the best data erasure product available on the market.

Advanced Features for Professional Use
east-tec Eraser features running in stealth mode completely invisible to the user, preventing specific data from being erased based on filters, password protection, command line parameters to allow advanced automation or running from batch files, etc.

User Defined Wipe Methods
east-tec Eraser comes with 14 predefined wiping algorithms that are approved industry standards for the permanent erasure of digital information. If, however, you want to customize the product to your security needs, you may do that by using our easy to use Method Editor Module. Defining a wipe method means specifying the number of passes and the overwriting pattern for each pass. One pass is sufficient to stop software recovery tools. Several passes might be needed to stop hardware recovery tools such as electron-tunneling microscopes. These tools can recover faint magnetic residue from previous writes.

The Dashboard Module is specially designed to always keep you protected against data exposure risks. It will remind you to run Privacy Guard or Erase Deleted Data when needed, and monitor all wiping actions run by east-tec Eraser on your system. In addition, the Dashboard allows you to view and control the license information of east-tec Eraser, keeping you informed about the status of your subscription, the license status for all the modules (such as if they are in trial or activated mode), when it expires, how you can update or renew your license, etc. All you need to do is use the ‘Fix’ button to either automatically start the wiping process related to that risk or guide you through the update process, making sure your system is protected by the latest version of east-tec Eraser.

The Dashboard also includes a real-time ‘News & Announcements’ system allowing you to be kept up-to-date with new versions, new products, new features and special offers, without having to browse our website searching for this information. You will instantly get the news from us!

Data Wiping Reports
east-tec Eraser can generate detailed data wiping reports as a proof of a successful erasure. You have the possibility to easily check if a certain wiping process was finished and that all the sensitive files or folders were wiped out successfully. The log file records all the erasing/wiping operations.

Product homepage: http://www.east-tec.com/eraser/

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