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CyberSafe Top Secret Ultimate (75% OFF)

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CyberSafe Top Secret is an information security program that uses modern encryption algorithms (RSA, AES, BlowFish, etc.). The assortment of tools and features provided by CyberSafe Top Secret are valuable in all fields that work with information: protecting confidential information, protecting E-mail correspondence, creating and validating digital signatures.

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Product Description

CyberSafe Top Secret is some of the most powerful data encryption software available. It provides a vast variety of features and just about every technique and algorithm for data encryption that you can possibly think of. Files and folders can be encrypted, signed and securely hidden. Network shared folders access management. Partitions and virtual containers On-The-Fly encryption. Google Disk and Dropbox encryption.

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CyberSafe makes it possible to create volumes based on 448-bit data encryption, with compression of data, tags, user attributes, alternative streams, metadata storage, and an SQL-like search engine. Certificate management with support for various certificate types is supported too. CS CA can work with any email client to give S/MIME functionality to your email. One of the main advantages of the program is encryption of network folders that allows you to use it effectively in the enterprise environment to protect the confidential information of any importance. Employees works with encrypted files in the usual way using standard system applications, while setting all encryption functions, centralized issuance of cryptographic keys and separation of access rights can be performed by one person – the system administrator.


Certificate-Based Encryption
CyberSafe Top Secret’s file encryption system is based on certificates, which are electronic digital identifiers containing a pair of public and private user keys for each of the relevant cryptoproviders (Open SSL, Open PGP, CryptoPRO), as well as certificates in the X.509 and PKC#12 formats, which are used for encrypting email.

Each personal user certificate is unique in that it is issued to a particular email address.

Hard Drive Encryption and Virtual Volume Creation

CyberSafe Top Secret allows you to protect all the data on a hard drive, whether that be from a computer, a laptop, an external hard drive, or a USB flash drive, as well as to create separate encrypted partitions of any size on these drives.

Using this, you can create virtual encrypted disks and store confidential information on them in an encrypted format, while at the same time all the other information on your computer will be unencrypted and available for use.

E-mail Encryption

CyberSafe Top Secret gives you the ability to protect electronic correspondence when working with any e-mail client (Microsoft Outlook, Thunderbird, The Bat!, etc.), and also when using mobile devices using iOS or Android. E-mail encryption is carried out on the basis of certificates in the X.509 and PKCS#12 formats. Step-by-step instructions on features of encryption control are provided in User’s Guide on the program site.

Hiding files and folders

CyberSafe Top Secret allows you to hide both separate folders with files and entire logical disks from the operating system. The hidden elements remain invisible when booting the computer in safe mode, when being viewed via a remote administration program, and also if CyberSafe is uninstalled from the computer. The hiding function is combined with encryption, providing the greatest possible protection for confidential information.

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